Performance Tuning Stage – 1

Economically viable and ideal starting point. Where you do not want to change to many components. However tuning will entail improved pickup, slight increment in top speed, more torque with no change engine volume capacity.

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Performance Tuning Stage – 2

Geared towards everyday scooter enthusiast, not being too oriented towards high power output but towards a performance that is more enduring. Need for quick acceleration with power for riding on a hilly area or riding with a pillion at slightly higher top speeds

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Performance Tuning Stage – 3

This category is a notch up from the previous stages in terms of all-round performance sought by enthusiasts and tourer scooterist . With the addition of sports exhausts, variators and performance clutch. Changes will ensure a highly responsive throttle, stronger acceleration and a noticeable increase in top speed.

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Performance Tuning Stage – 4

The ultimate performance enhancement, in terms of top speed and maximum attainable performance. This, however, should be preceded with the previous stages implementations to supplement the upgrades as they are designed to work together!

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We bring to you the world of aftermarket performance parts globally sourced from segment leaders with world-class products from Malossi, Dr. Pully, Polini, etc that are feasible with almost all latest models of scooters from across the brands with IC engine.

We are committed to making availability of parts locally with the possible customization based on customer requirement v/s purchasing from the global market without knowing the parts compatibility, quality and high cost of returns if only possible. All this comes with the value proposition of competitive pricing with after-sales support for spares where applicable.


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